Jackson DK2M


this is the guitar i hope to buy in a few months , i have tried it out and found that it played really well but i have a few questions...

1. tremolo arm or NO tremolo arm?
(as in tuning problems and general quality)

2. i haven't ever had a jackson and this is my second guitar (after my epi) and just want to haves some opinions on the guitar...

SOOO basically opinions plz

EDIT this guitar is meant for metal and that is what it will be used for if i buy it
1. LFR on the Jacksons are high quality and stay in tune quite well. Some people think they feel a little stiff, but I like it.

2. If you are one to use a lot of different tunings, then I wouldn't get a tremolo.
i have the jackson, the trem is amazing if you want to stay in one tuning, other than that great build quality
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I'm a proud owner too.
Love the LFR, the thing will stay in tune forever... (most of the time ofc )
Great guitar for a nice price!
thanks guys , whats the sound like clean and then distorted obviously.
i dont really need rock tones because i have a les paul for that.
thanks again
going to try it out again soon at Nevada (portsmouth) england (not american)
I bought DK2M about two-three weeks ago. It was almost in tune when it came from MF (MF doesn't set up, btw). I adjusted action and now it's awesome.

I don't use the trem much, my RR3 has tremol-no installed and locked so it's like a hard tail now, and probably soon I'll buy one for DK2M, too. So, if you don't like the trem you can always lock it by tremol-no or any other similar device.

Assuming you have standard HB's on your Epi, SD's are awesome compared to them.

I have owned three Epi's, and keep in mind that neck is thinner and wider (which I like) on Jackson's . And I really love the unfinished neck on them.

It's great quality and price for a Japanese guitar. You'll like it
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what color?
i was thinking snow white but thats the only color ive seen...?

Did you ask to me? If so, it's in Inferno Red (see my sig). Here is the pic from MF:

I played one in snow white in GC and I thought it's kind of "pale" in color IR contrast very well with the maple neck. And I always liked red(ish) guitars
Pro Dinkys are just great guitars. The LFR is good quality, the neck is fantastic, and the pickups you get with them are actually pretty decent. Not the best, but you can always trade out for something else.

I always highly recommend them, because they are fabulous pieces of kit.
Hey man. Jackson guitars are amazing.
Since its not your first guitar if you want a trem get a guitar with one, you'll get used to it.
Rock on!

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I played one yesterday at guitar center, really nice. Looks Great, but the pickups aren't my cup of tea, but if you like passives go for it, it played great.

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thanks guys how much should i be paying ive seen it at a wide variety of prices?
(£ please)
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thanks guys how much should i be paying ive seen it at a wide variety of prices?
(£ please)

Firsthand, between £350-£400? Probs closer to £350 would sound right.

Second hand, about £200 for almost mint, £130-50 for a bit of wear if you can get away with it.
You will not regret buying that guitar. I have a DKMG and the liscence floyd is great. The pickups in the DK2M are good and it plays great.
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The bridge pickup in the DK2M has lots of bite and mid range. I guess it's a hit or miss for most.
Good good choice!
I love my DK2M.
I didn't like having passives personally so I changed to blackouts after a month.

But it stays in tune and it's not a bitch to play with. The neck is smooth and fast, too. And if your bridge is set up correctly then dropping into Drop D/C/B/A or whatever you fancy is easy as too!.

Also when you want to restring don't take all the strings off at once, do them one at a time otherwise the bridge drops and it's a bitch to restring.
My next guitar will most likely be a jackson of some kind with a floyd rose, maybe a soloist. Jackson's are awesome.

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where should i look for a second hand version????

eBay, Craigslist and have a look around guitar shops and things.

eBay can be bad, but just check the seller feedback and contact the guy, then it should be fine.
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