My guitarist and I (bass) are looking for musicians in the Kerrville area for an eclectic hard rock band. Eclectic is probably the the most important word in that description. Diverse would work as well. We're kind of all over the board, musically, from rockabilly to death metal to indie rap to folk to industrial to punk.
Anyway, we're hard up for a SOBER guitarist and/or drummer. By sober I mean NO drugs or alcohol, not even pot, not even beer, not even a little heroin: NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL!
Also, you're going to need your own equipment and it's going to need to be loud enough to play a medium sized bar (where you will be playing, not drinking,) or an outdoor show with a crowd of up to 200 people (where you will be playing, not smoking dope behind a tree while we're supposed to be setting up.)
We're also auditioning keyboardists, backup singers/screamers/MCs, DJs, accordionists, violinists, cellists, percussionists... pretty much any instrument, provided you can keep a beat (our current drummer can't,) know what musical notes are, which end of your instrument is up, and are capable of focusing on what a song NEEDS, not on your own personal status or how much tail you may or may not be getting (our other guitarist can't.)
Beyond that, it's a blast.