So I was playing a show a couple nights ago, and after we were done I put my Epiphone Les Paul Custom in my bassist's car so nobody would mess with it. I left my capo clipped to the headstock without thinking about it. His car was parked outside and I couldn't get into it until around 4:00 the next day. When I did, I took the capo off and found that it had made an indentation right below the Epiphone logo. I'm assuming that because I left it in the car, it got really hot during the day and the capo melted into it a little. I'm gonna be really upset if this is not reversable. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do to fix it?
it probably only compressed the finish.. look for tutorials online for raising indentations in finish. It may return to normal by itself, but if not check out one of the many methods online.

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They capo has probably compacted the wood of the neck a little, capo's aren't meant to be left on for masses of time, a friend of mine left his on his accoustic for a week, and the neck fully bent, he wasn't best pleased. I'm guessing the only thing that you could do to fix it is see if it goes out after taking the capo off for a while, that, or buying and fitting a new neck.
nope, your screwed buddy... it ain't too bad though, it won't effect anything, just get yourself a new capo