O.K. buying a strat is pretty overwhelming so i figured i'd just order the parts I want instead of paying for stuff i was going to change later anyways. Anyways, you have the background heres my delima, i cant find an american strat body in the color i want (sea foam green) but i did find a mighty mite all ash strat body. Are they known to have any problems or are they in any way worse than a fender body?
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I've heard mixed things about the might mite bodies. I've personaly never used one, but I've done a lot of reading on them.

Seems like they are good as a body, but as a fender replacement, they arn't all that great. What I read is the neck pockets don't quite match fender necks. However, if your going to buy a mighty mite neck I would assume it would match.

You have to keep in mind that they are a "fender licensed" body, which means Fender gives them the OK to make them, but doesn't do any direct quality control. That said, I wouldn't worrie. Ask your seller questions to make sure you neck will match up. You shouldn't have any problems.
i take it you're looking at ebay for parts? as nightwolfsden said, definately contact the seller. i haven't had any problems with any of the parts i got on ebay. your neck joint might not be up to ormsby standards, but if it's fender licensed more than likely it would fit.

also, if you're feeling creative and want to refinish it to your color, snag a used squier affinity strat on ebay for the body. the one i used had an alder body and worked quite well, even for a natural finish. the fender neck i used fit perfectly.

ps: how do you like that toneblaster halfstack? do you have the toneblaster x or the original?