I'm going to start playing worship electric at my Wednesday night youth service at church, and I need help picking out a pair of pickups to stick in my 2006 Strat.. I'm obviously not looking for real high end, high gain pickups; but I would like to be able to go from lighter, cleaner lead melodies while playing a Chris Tomlin song, to crunchy tones if we're doing one of Kutless's harder songs.
Dimarzio PAF pro, either position or both. Great cleans and it can get rather crunchy. It's not a high gain high output pickup, it's mid output and really tastey sounding. I use it as a neck pickup to combine with high output pickups but it will work great for you too.
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It's alder, SSS. And I'm looking at buying a Peavey Bandit soon.. I hope the TransTube sounds as good as the old actual tube.
I think this will do the trick for the bridge position:

It's a rather low-gain humbucker, but it can sound quite 'cutting' because of a Strat's attack and rather bright tonal basis, so you'll get some more versatility from your guitar.
Should be 80 bucks (or less) for the pup and another 20 for getting it installed.

I'd leave the other positions as they are, Fender pups are generall not bad, it's just that the bridge single coil doesn't provide the definition for overdriven sounds most people want it to.
I actually looked at a '59 for my neck, and a Pearly Gates for my bridge, but I was worried that would give me too much of a southern style, twangy sound..