I was looking at guitars to get a grungy/metal sound, and I found the Ibanez rg321mh, and I'm very interested. But it says it has jumbo frets, and I have no idea how big they are compared to medium frets. Is it going to be difficult to do chords? I play power chords barring the fifth and octave, and lower on the fretboard, I kinda have to stretch to get it all the way. Will I have to play power chords differently on a jumbo fretboard?
A grungy/metal sound comes more from your amp than from your guitar...


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its not a huge difference. nothing really noticeable. they last longer than medium ones though. also, theyre bad if you like your action really really low but otherwise your fine
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'jumbo' just means that the fretwire used will be rather thick, it has nothing to do with the size of the actual fret. Don't worry, you' won't have to stretch far.

About chords: You'll have to make sure not to press to hard on the strings, because that will make your chords sound out of tune. It's a common problem with jumbos. But you'll get used to it quickly. A light touch is the key here.
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Will I have to play power chords differently on a jumbo fretboard?

Chord is a chord whether you play it on a fretless or extra jumbo frets, it's the same.