i'm looking at buying a fender strat with a serial number that begins with u and has 5 digits, which the fender site says is japanese from 1996-1997. it does not,however, say on the guitar however where it was made. the serial number is located on the back. the front only says fender stratocaster, with synchronized tremolo.

anyone know how good these guitars actually are? are they inferior or superior to mexican strats? i've heard the one's from the 80's are comparable to american strats. are these too? around how much they are actually worth?

any information is greatly appretiated!

edit:the year is 1995-1996
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i recently just got a japanese 57 reissued, the quality and tone are exactly like the american model, which is 1.4k usd. and its a late 80's model. the 90's model isn't that much different. so of course it is on par with the americans
The MIJ Strats are brilliant guitars, they have to be, because it's the only Strat sold in Japan. They can get pretty expensive though anywhere else, but it's usually worthe the money.

I say, go for it.
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okay then! haha i think i forgot to mention i found it on ebay. but now im even more determined to get it. It is used and priced around $300 USD, so i didn't think it is that expensive. yeah i was thinking about getting it and putting a sd hotrail in the bridge and maybe the neck to give more versaitility and a chunkier distorted tone. but if i like the neck pu im planning to leave it.
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hmmm...I just noticed something strange about the guitar. The guitar has the serial number on the back of the headstock. all the other MIJ guitars seem to have their serial numbers on the neck above the joint to the body. should i be suspicious?
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My Strat knockoff's serial is on the back of the headstock. If it feels, looks, and plays good, i'd go for it. MIJ fenders are generally great quality, as are most Japanese guitars.
my MIJ is late 80's and the serial is above the neck joint on the neck, but maybe its different for the 90's model
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