I have a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser (Hellraiser C-1?) with a Floyd Rose on it for sale. Sells new for $850, I'll take $450. It's in great condition, I only used it for a certain style of play which I rarely played anyways. More of a strat/tele kind of guy. Local deals are STRONGLY preferred. I am paypal verified and if I DO ship the guitar you WILL add for shipping. I will ship USPS w/ delivery confirmation. Confirmation's on me .

Everything is original on it, here's some specs off the top of my head:

-24 frets
-gothic inlays
-black cherry in color / black hardware
-3-way tone switch
-2 volume knobs, one tone knob
-locking nut / floyd rose tremolo
-ACTIVE EMG 81 and 85 pickups. they sound GREAT.

Post up here if you're interested. Please do not PM me. I've been using this site for about 3 years and I still don't understand how the messaging system works I will only be checking this thread or my email for communication. Another option is catching me on AIM.

AIM name: flairknocks

Serious buyers only!

Again, price is $450 + shipping.

Local buyers PREFERRED: I'm in Connecticut!
Pics? Very reasonable price, if it's not too banged up. Too bad I already have one..
where in CT are you? im in RI, and a little interested. any pictures? how old is it?
Yeah, guys I'll get pics up in about an hour. It's not banged up at ALL. Maybe some finger prints and stuff from normal use but i've never seen a scratch on it. I played it maybe a total of 40 times. I just couldn't adjust to the flat neck.

Spahr - I had it for a little over a year. And again, I'll get pics up within an hour. I just want to get my car washed before the sun comes out and heats the surface of my car.
how would you like to trade ofr my RR3? haha i doubt you will but its worth a try. I'm very interested though.I'll wait for the pics.
No thanks to the trade. Only trade I'd consider is an American strat or tele, but even then I'd be iffy since I need cash haha. But here's the pics.

AS A SIDE NOTE: I wasn't aware I'd have this many people interested in it. I'll have to do $450 or best offer now. Offer up! Also comes with a Roadrunner case. Kind of cheap, one of the zippers broke for the front pocket but still has a second front pocket that works (it's the bigger one) and the main zipper works. I guess I could just throw it in for free

I have more pictures for those who are more interested. Just email me or catch me on AIM. I also have the full size actuals. I resized them for the forum incase anybody was running 56k internet.

email - paintball91@comcast.net
AIM - flairknocks

Oh, forgot to mension...

The pictures do not show the tremolo bar on the guitar, but I DO have it. The color is black. If anybody would like a picture of it just for proof that I have it just let me know.

And sorry about the advertisements on the pictures. Imageshack has been going downhill.
It must be sort of old if its got the 81/85 setup schecter doesn't sell there hellraisers like that anymore
Yeah, it's not the new version that has the pick up toggle. Sorry if there was any confusion.
I'm in Berlin. It's about a 45 minute ride. You'd have to take 95 north to 9 north and you'd go right through my town. I'm alright with meeting up half way or whatever you'd like. Let me know! I'll PM you my cell number.
Alright, this is still for sale, the other deal fell through. Somebody IMed me about it a couple of days ago and I forgot who it was, but if you see this then get back to me!
Hey man... I know you said the only trades you would accept are Tele... but I've gotta try...

I need this guitar in my collection... I recently bought a Blackjack Tempest and don't like the fact that there is no Floyd... Would you be willing to trade my Tempest for your C-1?

You can see some pictures on my myspace page... in the Sadistic Injections Album...

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