Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post this, but I don't know where else to post. My friend tried to get into guitar last year and bought a beginner guitar (unsure of the brand) for around $150. She never ended up learning it, and I might be interested in buying it (as a secondary guitar), but I'm not sure what it's worth. She's had it for a year and barely played it, and I'd like to buy it for a fair price - I'll pretty much pay what the guitar store would take if she sold it back to them. So my question is - how much would this be? I'm guessing $70 or so, but I don't want to be ripping her off. Any input?
70 sounds good
Maybe 75 so it's half price.
But that sounds like a decent enough price, especially if she never uses it anyways
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70 or 75 sounds good, maybe 80 if you wanna be nice/generous. Check on eBay to see what it goes for on average there, then maybe figure around that.