so my friend and i are contemplating building a guitar amp...perhaps a couple...

here are a couple questions...

i've found schematics on different amps...when amps have two or more channels, thats two or more pre-amps right? each channel having its own pre-amp...

what would ultimately happen if i were to merge, lets say a VOX AC30 pre-amp circuit with a Marshall jcm800 pre-amp circuit, and then power it with the jcm800 power amp circuit? is the VOX circuit gonna be ruined by this?

i've seen effects pedal schematics online, can they be used as internal amp effects as well? (ie take a tremolo pedal circuit and mount it into the pre-amp circuits? and this being the case, can one effect be used on both channels? how would that be wired?)

does anyone know?
As far as the effects go, just take the pedal schematic and place it right in front of everything in the amp. This way they would be used on both channels.
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