I just started playing again after years of not playing. I am still on a beginner level and own an Ibanez Ex series guitar. The Ibanez is the main reason I stopped playing years ago. I got it for a Christmas gift when I was about 15 years younger, after getting that guitar it messed up my progression and stopped my playing, as the Floyd rose became more of headache then a help to me. Usually the guitar was out of tune and I had to constantly tune it and after letting a friend borrow it and him giving it back with a jackson floyd rose and a messed up volume control I basically stopped playing for the past 9 or so years.

I am looking at some ESP LTD guitars, the Will Adler 600 and the Viper 400. Besides those two I am also looking at the Jim Root Telecaster and a couple of the Schecters all with fixed bridges. The only one with a passive pups is the Will Adler 600 which has jb/59s on it the others all have active EMGs and one of the Schecters has SD actives. I like to play mostly metal and rythmn. Any recommendations or opinions on those listed above would be great.
I'd not purchase anything with active pickups unless you are 100% sure you want them and have a very good tube amp. Besides, what amp do you have? And how much do you want to spend tops?
I need to get a new amp, I have an old Peavey Rage 108, 15watts of awesome power I was actually going to buy a new amp with the guitar I get. The one amp I am looking at is the bugera 333xl combo amp, I wanted to stay around 1500 for amp and guitar. I am willing to spend a little more as long as it's going to get me something that will last longer or be of better quality and craftsmanship.
Ah I don't know Bugeras, so I can't comment on that. But it's 120 watts, bit of overkill I think. You've got a band to play with? If not, and if you're not planning to join a band, you won't need that much power. For home use, 15 watts is more than enough and even with a band 30 watts are good for almost any situation. Not saying there's anything wrong with that combo, but I know a couple of guys with 100w stacks who wish they'd have bought something smaller.
Just saying.
And are we talking about 1500 dollars, pounds or Euros here?
Anyways, a good starting point for metal guitarists is the Ibanez Line up. I'd take a look at the RG Prestige series, the RG1570 to be more specific. If you want a double locking trem, that is.
Otherwise, a black Gibson SG is pretty metal and good value, so are higher end ESP LTD models, like the 1000 series.
I have always been a fan of the will adler sig.
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I have always been a fan of the will adler sig.

I'm leaning towards the Adler and the Jim Root. I have played my buddies Schecter Hellraiser with EMG 81 and 85s and it's nice. I'm straying a little from the Schecters because I have heard they break easily. Would the Jim Root or the Adler be comparable in terms of quality?
If I did go Schecter I was thinking of the the blackjack atx, just not sure if the Jim Root tele or the Will Adler 600 esp ltd are going to be a better choice. What would you guys choose for out of those three for a metal guitar?
i would stay away from signature series guitars. they are generally regular guitars beefed up in price because of the name associated with it.
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