Hello everyone. Last December I made a very unwise decision, purchasing a B-52 AT100 halfstack for the price of $1000. I am not a big metal head and have no need for the size or gain of this amp. I want to sell it.

I play indie/pop punk/blues. I'm looking to buy a new tube combo. I'm thinking an Orange Rocker 30, but $1400 is a lot for an amp. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a slightly cheaper amp.

My budget is at around $1400, I might be able to make amends and get something for that much, but I'm looking to see if there are any cheaper amps that would sound just as great without Orange's brand value. I play a thinline Telecaster.

TLDR: New Tube Combo
Possibly Orange Rocker 30
Thinline Tele
where do you live how much are you selling that b52 for? im interested
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Fender Custom Vibrolux - 1099.99$
40 watts
two 10 inch speakers
Bright and Normal /Channel
All Tube
Tremolo and Reverb (footswitch-able)
2 - 6L6 Groove Tube output tubes
5 - 12AX7 preamp tubes
One 12AT7 reverb/vibrato tube
Made in the US of A.
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I've not played any of these. I only checked Hartford but found tons of stuff. I had to quit looking because I was getting GAS bad.

H&K Triamp head $750 yummy

Krank head - contact for info. $700

Mesa Boogie F50 combo $750

Fender '06 Twin Amp combo $800

Line6 Vetta $700

*just realized you are not a metal head* - oh well, you get the picture.

This would be sweet. '73 Super Reverb. Add an OD pedal for your heavier stuff. What style fo music do you play?

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I'd say a Vox AC30CC would do the trick rather well. See if you can score one used and save some money. The Vibrolux would be good as well as the Fenders ^ guy posted.
budda superdrive 18, or the egnater tourmaster are two good options other than whats already been recomended.
Something AC30-ish.

A Dr. Z would be awesome, but I don't think that's in your price range.