Hi I'm new to the board since Harmony Central has been down for a couple days.

I have a telecaster that I replaced the bridge pickup with a Little 59 for tele. Now it hums though. When I touch the bridge or the volume knob the hum stops. I googled around and it sounds like a grounding problem right? But I can't figure out what is causing it.

When I select both pickups or just the neck I don't have the hum, so I know that the problem is with the ground on the pickup, not with the ground of the guitar or jacks in general, I am assuming. Is that correct?

So the ground for the pickup is soldered to the bottom of the volume pot. Is it possible this soldering job just sucks? If that's the case, then wouldn't the hum stop if I just hold the ground wire against the bottom of the pot? Because it doesn't ...

Anyone who knows---do you have any tips for further troubleshooting this?
Check with the manufacturer and make sure that youve got the ground and the lead right.

Sounds like they might be mixed up. Or you might have a ground loop.

On the other hand, guitars hum, and since they ground to the bridge it stops the hum when you touch the bridge/strings/pots. You might want to think about shielding your cavities?

If you have an extra output jack pop open your cavity, solder the pickup direct to it (and the bridge conector), plug in and see if there is hum. Could just be the pickup, or maybe you have the wrong wires hooked up all together?


"For the Li'l '59, the black is hot, green + shield is ground, and the white and red wires are soldered together and taped off (insulated)."

Duncan should have wiring diagrams one their site too.

Cheers, hope that helps.
Yeah I resoldered the black and shield together and soldered to the botom of the pot again and it helped a lot. (The Duncan diagram indicates if you are installing the pickup with a stock Fender pickup, like the one in my neck, to switch green and black, so I did.) I am going to also get some copper tape so I can shield my cavities. Thanks for the advice!