well, i have a squier strat, its a very basic model, I really like how fast the neck is, but i want a new guitar.
what i really want my new guitar to have is :
-a really fast neck
- 24 frets
- higher end pickups obviously. I play mostly metal ( also, started shredding a month ago), so something that suits the style. check my profile to see what bands i listen to.
- something that is comfortable to play while sitting.

Which wah is better for a Vai style ( bad horsie, the audience is listening )?

Suggestions please
well a morley bad horsie for the wah.
and i hate to say it, but maybe the ibanez stm1?
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Well the Morley Bad Horsie wah is where it's at for Vai's tone.

As to shred guitars, look into Ibanez, Jackson and PRS.
thanks, i heard a demo of the morley and it sounds awesome.
well , i'll check the stm1
Ibanez, Jackson, ESP for the guitar. As for the wah, the Bad Horsie should be good.
I should be going to NY in october, and that's where im buying the gear. I just want to have an idea.

The stm1 looks ok at first, i will make sure i try it at some shop
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its a brazilian amp - Iptsound ( dont even try google, you wont find it )
its not 2 bad, not 2 good
of course.. not : ( . It isn't tube. I would take a picture, but i can't seem to find my cam