So while doing natural harmonics, I tend to be able to do them better on my electric than my acoustic. My amp is broken, so I can't plug in my electric, so speakers aren't the reason.
Am I doing something wrong on my acoustic perhaps?
Its more than likely the strings, like your not used to their thickness, just practice a bit more, its nothing major
So if on my acoustic I've had the strings since May I should probably switch them out and that would help?
Also, I tend to be able to do pinch-harmonics on my acoustic better then electric. Is this just because the acoustic resonates and is louder?
dude if you have the same strings on your acoustic you've had since may your guitar hates you
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the pinch question, only if the guitar isnt amped, thats why it isnt as loud :P

changing the acoustic strings could help because the strings could be dead, but my acoustics strings are god knows how old and my harmonics sound as rich as anything
could be position that you're trying to do the harmonics at. try a change of strings and moving your hand position slightly until you find the "sweet spot" that will make the harmonic the best quality you can