Hey guys, a little advice?
Right now I've got a Boss Overdrive pedal, a TS808 TubeScreamer, and a Wah Pedal, all running through a Line6 Spider HD75 which has a phaser, flanger, reverb etc.. all built in. But Im seriously considering picking up a BOSS ME-50 or ME-20 pedal board...


Should I bother, or should I just pick up a couple more individual pedals?

I play a wide variety of music, blues, classic rock, progressive new age stuff.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, or personal opinions on those pedal boards if you own one of them would be great too. Thanks
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effects on a multi deal like that are usually "weaker" then individual pedals, however there are less effects for your sound to travel though

personally with what you have, stick with individual ones. You wont get a nice wah or distortion on the multi vs your individual pedals

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well its just a preference really.
but pedal's themselves sound better than the multi effects but its not by a whole lot but you can tell the difference.
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