Ok we need a pretty high output mic for our singer. We've got big enough amps/speakers to run her through, but the mic we're using is from a karaoke machine and, subsequently, is too quiet.

So can anyone recommend a good mic thats not too expensive. We're willing to go to £80 but cheaper would be better.

I think it should be around that price range.... I *love* my Sennheiser e835 for live vocals. It is a big step up from the usual SM57/58 breed.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I'm seeing alot of reviews saying that the berhinger xm8500 mic is pretty good and that it is very comparable to the shure sm58. The XM8500 is pretty inexpensive as well. I recommend searching for it.
Shure SM58 is pretty much the industry standard for a live vocal mike. Somewhere between £60 and £80, depending on where you get them from.