Hey guys!

I've been dying to get a fender jaguar for ages, mostly because I think it looks absolutely awesome (and because I'm kinda tired of my epiphone les paul tbh). Anyway, there's this pretty new jaguar model available called the Fender Jaguar Classic Player Special HH, which seems really cool. It comes equipped with fender enforcer humbuckers, and has a built in coilsplitter. I really like humbuckers because it suits the music I play, but I was wondering if you guys think the guitar would be able to handle some classic surf/hendrix/strat-type sounds as well? because of the coilsplitter, I mean.

the thing is that none of the guitarstores in my area has this guitar for sale, so I'd have to order it, meaning I can't actually test the guitar out before I buy it. I have played regular jaguars though, I like the feel of them

anyways, I would love to hear your opinion. cheers
Honestly, given the choice I would get a Jazzmaster. I like the neck, pickups and bridge better.

Just my 2 cents as the quality of both is identical.
ya my friend got it close to a tele sound too

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I have a CIJ jag msyelf, beatifull peice of guitar, wouldnt trade it for the world, but the new jags are pretty different, a fair few pros, the string angle over the bridge isnt as shallow because the trem is closer to the bridge, meaning it ahndles a more average string gauge better, the bridge is a TOM (i dont like the look personally) which solves the pesky buzzing problem. The con is that the neck is closer to a fender strat neck specs than the original jags (flatter radius and wider) so theyre no where near as comfy.

Also the craftmaship of an MIM isnt going to be as good for an equally priced guitar from Japan, but ive heard good things about them and am sure you'll be happy.

Stay very far away from the Black HH special jags though, awfull guitars.

Im sure with the coil split itll have alot of versatility and do what you want, im not sure if the classics use the 1meg pots or not, but if they do, itll be a fair bit brighter so youll have to fiddle with the controls a bit (always a pleasure so many)
thanks guys, that was really helpful yeah, I hear the neck is a little bit wider than regular jaguars, but I'm just kind of keeping my thumbs crossed that it won't be an issue for me. otherwise it just sounds like they've added improvements that I pretty much would have added myself, had I purchased the regular model.

it does sound like it's an awesome guitar with lots of versatility, which is more or less what I need since I want something that can handle more or less everything from shoegaze to punk fair point about the jazzmaster though, maybe I should spend some time in a guitar store playing them both and see if I actually prefer the shorter-scale neck or not.
Why are the black HH jags so bad?

Is there another bridge type you could replace a jag's with? I was never a fan of the jag trem, maybe a kahler would fit since the routs look rather similer?
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Im sure youll fall in love with it, theyre great guitars really. I havent tried the MIM yet but its deffiantely on the list of shizz i need to try.

The black HH jags are just made cheaply, the chrome is cheap and smeary, the pups are half assed and sound worse and thinner than my CIJs stock single coils, the neck is like a baseball bat and generally its just not even comparable to a real jag.

The bridge itself can be replaced with a TOM, drop in replacement, easy as, but the bridge doesnt need changing just the saddles, most people get plain mustang saddles, i got some graphtec mustang string savers that did the trick and allowed me to adjust the height of each saddle individually.

As for the trem, i dont know, the pcoket isnt really going to support any other trem i cant think of, i quite liked my jags trem though, does what I want really, maybe you should have a quick look around for it.
I've Just bought a Fender Jaguar Classic Player had it for about a week and absolutely love it. Set up and sound is great really comfy and you can bend strings to oblivion without a hint of detuning. Obviously it depends on your style of play and music but as I play mostly alternative rock/ Indie its a guitar made in heaven for me. Would highly recommend it.