This question has been on my mind awhile, and as noobish as it is, if you're playing a chord on the A, D, and G strings, should you mute the top string and play all four instead of strumming inbetween, (for instace xADG) or should you just play the three of them without the top string muted by strumming inbetween (for instace ADG). It's kind of hard to explain..

But I saw on one of the tutorials here that it mentioned something along those lines, and it's one of my bad spots. So, advice? Sorry if I wasn't too clear.
which ever is easier, i usually would mute the E
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so long as you're muting the low e properly it shouldnt make any sound anyway so doesnt really matter, its alot easier just to mute it though aye i'd play it like xADG.
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Alright. Thanks for the help. I'm glad to know I haven't been practicing it wrong then.

Thanks again!
Mute the strings you don't want to use.
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