Ok sorry for my grammer im horrible at grammer. I bought this 65 guitar tech kit aka a cleaing kit for u guitar it cleans the frets,strings and body so i bought it and it came with 3 bottles, 2 cloths, some leather, and a stringwinder. I use it and it look nice on everything but my string i cant seem to clean some of the strings also i dont know what to do with the leather thing and stringwinder i need some help here.
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Well, maybe the strings are just rusted and it's time for a change. The string winder is for when you want to replace your old strings with a new set. It's pretty much the equivalent of just detuning your guitar so you can take out the strings, only it's much faster to do it with a winder than by hand. As for the leather thing, not really too sure about that.
I have the exact same cleaning kit as you. I don't think mine came with any leather thing, so you got me there...the string stuff is not for cleaning up rusty strings, it's for when you first put your strings on, it's supposedly supposed to help them last longer. I never use it, though. It doesn't do anything but make your strings kinda greasy for a little bit.

With the string winder, you put the end of it over your tuners and spin it around, it's a lot faster than turning your tuners by hand.
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