Well, I'm thinking of getting an amp for xmas. I currently have a frontman for practicing with at home, it does OK I guess. I'm in a band but it's extremely rare we gig (3 times in a year). So I was wondering, I like the Vox AD50vt, it's a good amp and versatile, but would it be good enough if my band were to start gigging more? I'm also considering the Laney vc15, but I'm worried about spending all that money, £230 or so on a 15 watt valve and it not being powerful enough.

Also, how would a G2 sound through a VC15 or any valve amp for that matter?
What I want in my rig (Bold = gear I have):
Ibanez SZ-520QM
Vintage VECJ100BK
Epiphone Dot
Laney VC15
Boss GE7
Boss SD1
Zoom G2
15 tube is good for gigging... don't know how big the crowd is, but you'll definately be able to play w/ a drummer. It'll be able to do small gigs, at that. Don't know about mediums, though. Might have to use the PA system...

don't know much about a G2, sorry.

AD50vt? No. DON'T get it.
Look, I'm from Australia, so I have NO idea of pricing over there...there isn't really any reason that a Vox AC15 wouldn't be loud enough though. Provided it's miked properly (sometimes this isn't even necessary...try a boost pedal) then 15 watts should be plenty at least for small - medium gigs. There are many more factors to an amp's sound/volume than just wattage.
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