Brand new label out of Belgium. Great music on the way.

Just another day news october 2008 :

We are very exited to announce that we will be putting out the debut 7" of Out to sea and we hope you are too :
Just Another Day Records set out with a vision to find a band filled with emotion, passion, and a desire to rekindle a scene that seems to be lacking the fundamentals it was built upon. On the opposite side of the world Out to Sea, hailing from Dallas, Tx, set out with a similar desire. Playing emotionally charged hardcore and taking cues from past bands such as Turning Point, Strongarm, Stretch Armstrong, and even early AFI, Out to Sea has managed to carve a place in this scene that is all their own.
Through luck, fate, or mere chance Just Another Day Records and Out to Sea have crossed paths and are proud to announce the release of Out to Sea's "The Soul of Mankind" EP on 7" vinyl.
Please keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as they are in the process of finishing the artwork and layout for what we will hope to be the first of many releases for Just Another Day Records and Out to Sea. Further information detailing the specifics of this release will be made available shortly, in the mean time be on the look out for Out To Sea on their upcoming West Coast Winter Tour, where you will definitely be able to grab a copy of "The Soul of Mankind" EP!
For songs and more info about the tour, merch, etc please check out : http://www.myspace.com/outtoseatxhc
We will start accepting preorder this for once the test pressings come in with shoulden't be taking that long, the preorder version will be something very special to say the least.

In other news Times together from the Uk has joined the Just another day family and is working hard on their debut 7" right now, If you are into Wishingwell records this is for you. We hope to get this out by the end of the year and they should probably be able to make it to the mainland for a few dates pretty soon!
For demo's, shirts and records please check out : http://www.myspace.com/timestogether97

A complete Freewil discography Lp will follow up soon, more info about this to come soon!

I also made up a few limited Just another day shirts with the bee design and since i already sold out the first run of shirts, i made another bigger bath of shirts, these are printed on the heaviest Fruit of the loom shirts avaible and will be sold at bargain prices. Artwork has been done by MikeChardcore.
Sizes Small through XXL will be avaible in our store sometime really soon.
Also add us on myspace for the latest news, we will be posting some songs pretty soon: http://www.myspace.com/justanother****ingdayrecords
A website complete with store, pressing info, MP3's and news will be online when we start taking preorder for the out to sea 7"!
Thanks for reading
Seb & Bonzo