So i was gonna build a guitar around the RG bridge area.. with the Wizard 2 neck..

does anyone have like the dimensions or like a CAD drawing(to size) of an RG?


or some really big detailed pictures..
that could help too!
No offence, but if I was custom building i'd build chunkier than the Wizard II, my RG350 has one and its pure and utter Carpal Tunnel Syndrome inducing thin, and thats with classical position and correct fretting hand techinque...

Anyways, just my 2 cents, not to be cheeky or anything, just suggesting you could no doubt make a thin neck and still have it nicer.

I had one of an RG7321 (7 string, but I think the body is the same size.. just a different neck pocket/bridge), but I don't know what heppened to the file..

I'm on my new laptop, so I know the file's not on this computer, but I'll check my moms computer and see if it's still on there...

edit: sorry, I'm not sure where the file went...
it's not on either of the computers or my USB thing..
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Yea... Didn't really like the feel of the Wizard II neck either...
But this guitar is for a friend.. and he really REALLY wants a super thin neck.

I prefer the neck of a Paul or Strat.
I hold the guitar like hendrix(just not as cool) so I like my fender necks.

P.S. Does anyone have a file of a Strat? cuz that would also be really cool.