I know I can use auto paints but what else could a first-timer use
to paint a guitar? I don't have a spray gun or anything so I'm loking for stuff I can
find at a store.
Also, would oil paint (as in picture painting paint) work on a guitar?
Spray can stuff works pretty good if you put a little effort into it. Just not going to get vintage lacquer or a PRS finish that way.

Or what Jim said, that works too.

Don't use oil paints man. Spray is the way.
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i hijack this thread to make a question, basicly what im thinking on doin is get a squier hello kitty and change completely, put a SH8 Invader, cut a chunck of the headstock and bodie, put other knobs,change the pickguard for one made by myself, so far so good, but theres one simple thing that can ruin it all the paint, i was thinking on grey in the middle black on the borders and back, im new to painting, and all that i can reach my hands on is simple paint like the ones u paint houses with, or spray cans ... i even have clear coats on cans... gloss and matte..

can someone tell if its good enough ? or will it tear itself apart in 2 years ?
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It should work. If the paint stays on your houde, it should stay on the guitar too.
You might want to buy some Primer though.
Might wanna get you one of these too. It helps fan the spray out more like a spray gun. They cost a couple bucks.

EDIT: Thats not the one I am talking about but there are some that replace the cap and spray it out of the handle. I can't find a photo of those.

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