I want to play "Hope" by Rush, and the tuning is DADAAD. That means that pansy g-string snaps without fail when I try to tune it up to A. I realize you can do half-steps down or use a capo (which I don't own XD) in mysterious ways, but if I tune down a half step and manage to get G to G# without it breaking then my D (or C# now) will rattle on the frets worse.

I'm hoping to get phosphorous bronze strings, if possible. I really like the sound. But what gauge would be acceptable for not snapping a g-string? And what brand? I've heard good things about Martin Marquis, and bad things about Elixir.

Thank you!
Well, for starters, if you want to tune the G string up to A, I suggest getting a pretty light string. 9 gauge or even 8 gauges would suffice (I'm not sure if they even make them that light).
I would personally re-write my own arrangement of the song in whatever tuning works best. I've looked at the guitar tab for that song and you could easily shift all the notes from the 3rd string which is tuned to A, to the 2nd string which is also A but an octave higher. Sure it wont sound exactly the same, but you'll have your own take on it.
Strings are a personal matter. It doesn't really matter what brand you choose, as long as you like them. Try to use 11's or higher. Be aware that 13's may not be suitable for your guitar though. 12's are the standard for all guitars.
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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. In the end, I got CF martin Extra light gauge bronze phosphorous strings, light, and meduim. I'm not sure if the mediums will make the stretch or if the extra lights will rattle too much.. so i got all three. =D but the order was only $10 plus s/h so it was easy to just say, "oh well, i'll buy all of them."