I am looking to get a good grindcore tone. Something similar to stuff in the link below. What are some good settings? I have searched the internet, and nothing has really came up to help me out.

I play a Gibson Explorer through a B52 At100 using a Boss GE7 and SD1.
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There's no link...
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An acoustic should do you ok.
(First song that came up starts off acoustic)
I'm thinking a low tuning with boosted lows and cut mids. Set highs to taste.
Just a guess but I'm thinking something like a Peavey 5150/6505 with the bass cranked and the mids and highs cut with some high output Dimarzios or something along those lines.
Chug Chug and a lot of low's and a little mids and treble. Then use you're Ge7 as a treble boost for a separate sound or solo/lead sounds. That's how i Roll
"good" and "grindcore tone" shouldnt be used in the same sentence. One thing is that mids are your enemy, and go from there.
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^ Wrong. Unless you want to sound like '...And Justice For All' don't scoop your mids. It sounds like ass. Even for metal and heavy punk.

Remove the SD-1 from your signal path, you won't need it.

On your amp, set the bass and mids around noon, the treble somewhat higher. Put the EQ pedal in front of the amp, boost the hell out of your mids on it. Tweak to taste.

PS: For future reference, boring deathcore/metalcore =/= grindcore. Compare that to Benumb or Pig Destroyer and you'll see the difference.
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