A sigh left in slumber
tucked in and under the crevice
of a tongue, rung out
and bed-ridden, the
purest intention that
never should have
been shaped into sound.

laced with
caddish charisma,
parting to cover
the lips of lithe lover.
Movement as mechanical
as a jewellery
box dancer,
Slight pause
until the music starts over.

She spreads the flood,
a solitary sidewinder
she slithers
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inB4 intelligent crit.

great to see you posting again.

purest intention that
never should have
been shaped into sound.
that's a knockout.
caddish charisma
not so much.

as a whole, i enjoyed it.

that's all i've got. cheers.
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I loved it. Very nice piece.

In fact, I liked it so much that my only complain will be of impressing insignificance :
laced with a
caddish charisma,

That "a" bugged me so much. I know the flow is disturbed without it, but still.

yeah, like I told. anyways, it's always a pleasure to read you, Steve.
i love the title that this got.
who am i kidding? this is beautiful.
just, beautiful stuff.
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secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.
dude. nice work here. im quite impressed, i haven't read anything not just from you but from anyone from the forum in awhile but you've made crazy progress since i remember. good job.