Hey guys, i was thinking of getting the epiphone valve special, which has an 8 ohm cab output on the back... is it possible to connect it to a bass combo and use this as a cab?
i have no idea, really... know nothing about electronics..
Anyway, thanks.
It should work. You can use bass amps with guitars, just not vice-versa (it'll break your amp). Just make sure the resistance (ohms) matches.
You might actually lose volume unless you have a line out input
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just to be clear, i mean using the epiphone valve special as an amp head an a bass combo as a cab... i've been using the bass amp as a guitar amp by adding a behringer vintage tube overdrive pedal just to get a warmer clean sound, I just don't know if plugging the epiphone into the bass amp input would work... i guess you are right, there might be some volume loss, but what do you mean by line out input? I have two inputs (high and low) and an h.p/line output.. is that what you mean?
Make sure you don't go into the combo's head section, just bypass all that and go into it's speakers.

Otherwise you'll waste the bass amp.