I've been wondering, and I haven't heard of this before, but would it be possible to create some sort of small button or switch, that when pressed, boosts the guitars volume, maybe by about 25% more than normal, without changing tone.

I know I could just switch to the bridge pick up, but most of the time I quite like the tone of my neck or middle for a solo. And I like to keep the volume of the guitar at 10 because that's how I get the best sound. And no, I don't want a volume pedal :p,

So, any ideas or suggestions?

P.S: I play a strat.
Well I would imagine it would be pretty hard to boost your volume above what is coming out the pickup (turned to the max on any volume control) your talking about adding amplification to the signal, which I imagine is pretty hard on a small scale.

But you can get gain boosts and stuff so I dunno...

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Can't be done unlss you have a preamp.

However, you can have the volume at a lower setting then flip a switch to cut it to full volume, so it sounds like a boost.

There was a thread made about this a couple days ago. Ues the search bar to find it...