first time posting here, little about myself:

-been playing for 2.5 years

-I learn a lot faster than most ppl, so my abilities as of now shouldn't wow anyone, i just learn at a faster pace (and I learned piano as a kid, so music theory is good to go)

-heavily influenced by bands such as Arch Enemy (this tab is a testament to that i think lol), nevermore (jeff loomis = the man), lamb of god, all shall perish, and a bunch more

so heres my tab, please let me know what you think, it took roughly 2 hours (give or take 15 min) to write the riffs out on guitar, i was just sitting there jamming when I thought I'd write a new song since I haven't written a full song in a long time.

All in all, took 6 hours to produce this, most of it was spent on writing the drum parts (3 hours), easiest part was tabbing it out in guitar pro, god I love that program.

Please give me suggestions/areas to improve on/critiques/etc, like I said, first time posting here, but I like sharing my ideas with others, having said that, don't steal em! haha

Also note that I didn't put in a solo yet, but there is a section in the song for it, it's just the rhythm guitar part for now till I get a bit of free time to jam again, I only get to play guitar/jam twice a week if I'm lucky, my advice for those headed off to university, don't major in physics

Hope you enjoy, thanks guys!

P.S. files included in zip are GP5, GP4 and midi file for this song, title of the song is a temporary one, I read it off the terminator 2 dvd case that was next to my computer when I went to save the GP file haha
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very solid song, i can definitely hear some AE influence (the riffs, harmonies, etc.)
the china made the drums powerful, but i think you overused them in a few places (bars 27/28 for example)
i really liked the leads in the chorus (i thought it was the solo at first ), very well done there
riff at bar 46: eh, i didn't think this one fit too well, and doesn't really add much to the song IMO but maybe it'll sound more cohesive with vocals/better production
same with the riff at bar 70 (but i realize you wrote it quite quickly, soit just needs a bit cleaning up)
the acoustic interlude was a pleasant surprise. i didn't like it much at first, but when the other guitars and drums came in it fit perfectly, and i really liked the buildup after that, and the leads (if these are any indication of what the solo's going to sound like, it will be quite good)
all in all it was very good, a solid song, that just needs a few minor tweaks here and there

crit the one in my sig?
thanks! yea, I'll be working on it hopefully tomorrow to clean up some parts, maybe change the drums a bit and add in the solo if I'm lucky, I'll post and updated version here once its done. and yup, I'll critique yours too!

I think the riff at bar 70 sounds awesome lol, just my thought I guess, it's actually the riff that I started with to make the song, its more of a variation to the verse riff instead of the same old boring one, I usually throw that in to 1 out of 3 songs to keep the flow non repetitive if you know what I mean.

As for the riff at bar 46, yea, I guess it doesn't really serve a purpose, I like the riff, I'll take it out of the final version for this song, and turn that riff into another song.

Thanks for the critique man!
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