I am getting a new bass and will finally get myself a Warwick. I play funk, jazz and a bit of rock and need a bass which is versatile with a great tune. I don't play 5 string keep in mind. It has come down to the Corvette Double Buck ($$) or Corvette FNA Jazzman?

Any opinion would be much appreciated...
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I say the Corvette standard is better that either of those. The Jazzman is a very nice bass, but it just doesn't sound like a Warwick. It sounds like a Fender with a bridge humbucker.

The $$ is great if you like the tone of humbuckers. I find they "pollute" the natural tone of the bass with their irremovable tone. The single coils of the standard compliment the bass far better in my opinion.
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i have played a double buck and i love it. i dont remember if i plugged it in but you know when your getting a warwick your going to get a MASSIVE growl. so if i was in your shoes id get the double buck.
I'd either stick with a Standard or get the Jazzman.
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I own both a standard (active) and a $$ and I play mainly funk and jazz. Although I have been considering picking up a Jazzman as well. Personally, I don't really believe that you can buy a bad Warwick (especially when it comes to Corvettes). I would just suggest that you try both out (if at all possible) to see which one you are more comfortable playing.
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The FNA Jazzman is an expensive piece - if you can get both of them at the same price, the FNA Jazzman is a better deal. That said, they're both different sounding instruments.
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