Ok, this is pretty hard to explain and I thought the recording forum was the most appropriate for this subject.

Basically I see all these videos on YouTube of people playing guitars to a song and they play a sound file on their computer that plays the "talking" of the song. Like the singer singing but without the guitar, instead the person is playing the guitar parts himself.

I hope you understood, but basically where can I get those files? Off LimeWire or is there a software or a website I can use?

Thank you
As far as I know, there's no real way to completely separate vocals from a studio recording of a song. There's a lot of tricks, but they all sound kind of nasty from what I've heard. Could you post one of these videos as an example? That might help.
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i think ur talkin bout a cappella ?.... search for those with ur song name and it should give u just the singing.... either that or ur talking bout backing tracks.