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*NOTE* these are not my tabs, and i am not sure, but it feels like they should be reversed, as in eB be on the top and Eb on the bottom, but my question is not about that.

My question is however though, and was not sure where this should go in what thread, but how do you play any tab parts where there are two notes so far apart all at once like a chord? such as when you have a 3 and a 0 on the same line, or a 2 and a 3, but you skip open strings. Really need to know how to do this, I have just been muting the opens with my fingers and playing through, but that is DIFFICULT. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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you pick the lowest one with your pick
the other one with one of the three others finger of your picking hand
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finger pick it
but first yes that should be flipped upside down
pluck the lower notes with your thumb and higher ones with your index finger
well actually you have to do that...or hybrid picking (fingers and pick or just fingers)
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finger picking ..pluck the two together then play the other notes with your fingers
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