im doin a project for music theory and i need help with deciding what the form of my piece is

for example one of the songs im doing is the ghost of tom joad by rage against the machine

what exactly does AB or ABA form mean, or what is the difference between verse and chorus, strophic, rondo, theme and variations, etc

any help is appreciated thanks
To me that sounds like you just "dividing" the song into parts. The verse is called "A" and chorus "B" so the form of a song would be A B A B A BB maybe for a simple thing to do. and if you have a bridge or so you call that part "C"?
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Verse would be A, chorus B, bridge C. Or bridge B, chorus C, it all depends on how the song works.

You could also split it up even further, like A1, A2, bridge C1, chorus B1.
ABA Is known as ternary form. "Major-Minor(relative)-Major" or "Minor-Major(relative)-Minor"

Strophic form is where the melody stays the same for all the verses, but the lyrics change over it. Modified strophic form is the same, but with small modifications done to the melody to incorporate lyrical... things.

I don't remember the exact order for a Rondo, look it up or have someone answer it.

Theme and variations is a type of piece where a main theme is introduced and then "varied" for lack of a better word. Throughout the variations, the main theme is still recognizeable because the same chord progression is used, and it's up to the composer to make sure it's recognizeable.

Look up Paganini's 24th caprice for an example of that.