For all those skaters out there, i wanna see if this is common or not. Ive been having this pain on my achilles tendon on my kicking leg. everytime i bend my foot up or kick on my board it hurts. im not sure if this is a skate related problem but the thing is i dont really play sports now so i havent really been doing anything but skating.
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My Achilles tendons and knees are ****ed up from skating. All I can say is start stretching before you skate.
Get it checked out, i had really bad pain there during football (American) and the doctor said it wasn't an injury, but it was sieber's disease, where its just too naturally tight. He gave me exersices to do and now its fine.
Get it checked out, that happened to me. When it happened to me I just stopped skating for a while and now it doesnt hurt.
Take a short hiatus from skating.
Get it checked out.
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if its right when u start skating then its because u didnt stretch well. take a minute or two to stretch ur calf muscles which would help out with the achilles
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you probably strained it. i did that running up a really steep hill in cross country. just rest it for a while, and make sure you ice it. make sure you rest it until it's COMPLETELY healed. i re-injured my achilles several times by running, because it wasn't helaed yet.
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