This is the latest recording, another mellow acoustic track intended for our demo if we ever get round to making it.

Be honest with your crit, the lyrics arn't definately gonna make the final cut but it's how the melody will likely go.

Leave me a comment and I'll return the favour.
Too much gain = Ears in pain
the quality is oustanding. it wasn't my style however i still liked it. i thought that maybe the vocals needed a little more "umph" behind them if you know what i mean. dunno what else to say other than it was very good and i liked it.
Great song, I know you said the lyrics aren't going to stay, but they're not that bad..
I liked the lead guitar part and the vocal melody was good..I'm not the best at critiquing songs, I just wanted to say good job, I enjoyed it.
The lyrics in this are actually quite good. I think you should keep them. The guitar and melody are spot on. The only quip I have is that the vocalist seems kinda...idk...breathy(?) when he's singing. I agree with madshatter that there should be a little more "umph" to the vocals. Other than that I'd say you have the makings of a fine song here. The lead guitar was excellent.
Guitar playing is really nice and relaxed, well put together. Really dug the part where guitars take over around 2:40, nice sound.

The vocals are so-so, not off-key but sounds really husky and maybe a little forced... are you singing lower than your normal range perhaps? Maybe that's just your sound... it's unique for sure, but not sure I dig said uniqueness.

Regardless a pretty good song

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I'm just the guitarist, it's my other barrel Alex Hodgson that handles the vocals, It's how he wants to sing I guess, I quite like it too so we roll with it.
Too much gain = Ears in pain