Ok, so I've been trying out pinch harmonics lately, but I can never get them right. I've read some of the guides on here and watched a couple vids. but it never sounds the same. Mine are wayyyyyy too high pitch and sound stupid. It could be my amp settings (I'm a beginner, so I'm not too skilled in the way of the amp lol) but I don't know. Any help?
boost yo mids and find different spots along the string above the pickup.. they make different pitches in different spots
Couple things.
You are going to need some gain/distortion on your amp.
Second, change where you pinch them at. Typically they are higher pitched when you get closer to the bridge pickup, and will drop in pitch as you go towards the neck.

Help any?
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Watch this first: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5j2AxGGmT-g&feature=related

It explains how harmonics work, then you'll be in a position to move on to the actual technique:

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Ya, I can usually only do them below thw 12th fret. Whenever I'm playing something like the solo to Inside the Fire by Disturbed, I can never get those two harmonics. And thanks, some of those vids. really did help