how the do you work it. like how do you put new strings on and what do all the screws do. my friends just gave it to me because someone left it at his house for forever. so eh gave it to me and i took the old stings off.... and there werent any ends on them?. so im totally lost haha
What the hell do you meen putting strings on the pickups? If your talking about how to change strings because it has a floating bridge, read the Floyd Rose stick. if thats not what meen, i cant understand what your saying.
what if it has a floyd the strings wont have vballs on the end
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ok well i figured it out. what i dont understand is.... why would they ever make something like that hahaha
Fair enough, confused me the first time too but I learnt
It also helps, if you're restringing a FR to keep 5 strings on at all times, eg when you're replacing the low E to only take the low E, and when you're doing the A then only take the A off etc etc so there are 5 there. It's way harder because if you take all of them off the bridge falls down and it's a bitch to restring..

I did this. lol
I think some Ibanez models you can put the strings on with the balls still intact but I don't think they're for tremolos, maybe just for double locking.

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