I'm moving to a new PC, and I was wondering if there's an easy way to transfer music from my Zune to my new PC.

Also, will I be able to keep all of the names and album artwork from the songs I renamed and added artwork to if I transfer the songs onto my new PC via Zune? (Note: I didn't go into my files and change the ID3 tags, I just renamed the tags on the Zune software itself.)
The Zune software can just drag-and-drop; I do not know about transfer without the software.
yea i think it works the same as a ipod its complicated though but ill try and explain it go to control panel and switch to classic view then open folder options, click the view tab and set it to show hidden files and folders
then go tom my computer and find your zune all of your music should be in folders there for the ipod there lin 49 folders but if that doesnt work let me know