I'm thinking about picking up a mic to go along with my guitar, any suggestions/tips? I've never sang before but I want to give it a shot. Should I see a voice teacher? Or just learn alone?
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you can hardly learn to sing correctly by yourself
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I could never sing until I bought my acoustic (before then I had just electrics). Then I think just sitting down and playing some songs over and over worked. I could tell when I was in tune and when not much more easily with the acoustic. Recording also helps a lot as you never sound like you think you sound (like in the shower, you don't actually sound like Freddie Mercury).

I'm probably no great authority on singing, but for what it's worth my advice is to keep on trying, have fun and don't give up!
From my personal opinion I think that you should start of with a teacher, a proper teacher. Apart from learning to pitch notes correctly, which I think is a gift and can't really be taught to someone, there is always the little factor of hurting yourself. If you try to pull notes too high without utilizing the proper ways of doing it, you could cause your throat and voice box irreversible damage. Singing is a art, a talent, you cant go buy a good voice from the shop, I personally suck at it, so good luck with the effort. Try hard don't quit.