(if any of you remember that old thread i made a few days ago, completely disregard everything i said)

i have this female friend who cuts herself. im trying to be as supportive as i can to help her stop and everything, but she cant get to a professional due to money/transportation/not willing etc. so me and my other friend are like the best help she can get, cuz her parents are a little out of it. they're good people, not drugged up or anything, but they're just very apathetic.

anyway, as i said she cuts herself but according to her she cuts herself as a way to cope AND because she enjoys. she is a self-proclaimed sadomasochist, loves the feeling of pain not only because she feels it is punishment for some made-up wrongs she has committed but also because she thinks it feels good. she really needs our support.

so how do i tell her to stop? im trying to get her started playing guitar or writing songs as a hobby to take her mind off of selfharm, and getting her to throw out all her razors, and instill some self-confidence, but how do i control the sadomasochist part? can i even?

any help is appreciated
Help her find Jesus and date her if shes hot............ thats what I would do :P
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lol cause she'll die if he doesn't do something?

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Cut off her arms, she won't be cutting herself an time soon.

Or you know, get her help... or do that thing where everyone who knows her gets together and tell her how messed up she is, and that they are gonna help her.
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Cut off her arms, she won't be cutting herself an time soon.

not as many limbs in the way when you rape her

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I don't remember the other thread. Goodluck though

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Get her a Russian dominatrix. Trust me, they can kill a man's sadomasochistic tendencies. They would be able to kill, and fape those of a girl.
If that fails, I'll date her.
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Is this female friend by anychance you?

Or even better, is it your mum? 'Cause I'd gladly take her off your hands in her current condition.

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You can't really do anything about it, apart from maybe trying to find something else she enjoys and tell her to do that.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Take her to a church. That'll cleanse her. Though there was a Metalcore kid he I knew...............church might not work, just give it a try (lol jk it'll work).

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Stick it in her pooper.

I feel so ashamed that I laughed until I cried at that

Put her on Oprah. That's usually what normal people do isn't it?
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I feel so ashamed that I laughed until I cried at that

Put her on Oprah. That's usually what normal people do isn't it?

Have you ever seen Oprah?

Were you trying to fail on purpose?
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Have you ever seen Oprah?

Were you trying to fail on purpose?

I was joking, of course but honestly, whenever I go back home and my mom has Oprah on it's wah wah I cut myself or wah wah my son punched me in the uterus or wah wah my wife beats me up.


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If you are meaning a Christain church, that wasn't even funny. Anything different, that pathetic excuse for a religion despises.

Buddhism might clear her up. I do believe, for some, a new healthy religion can "fix" people up and buddhism is always good. Maybe something nature-y, try Neo-Paganism maybe even Wicca. Or Discordianism

Spark up her life somehow, give her more reasons to enjoy life as it is. The cutting of ones self phase will pass, she just needs to be hauled through it first...it is darkest before the dawn.

Introduce her to meditation. That ALWAYS helps people.

I really hope that post wasn't serious...
First of all, you call Christianity a pathetic excuse for a religion then you want her to take up Neo-paganism? O_o

=/ Drinking from the well of Mimir might help though, so yeah I guess you're right.

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dont preach to her about it. dont be like. aww seriously stopppp. ur gonna kill urself. its not healthy.

becuse that will just piss her of more.

just be like..

listen i know whatever anyone else says or what i say. isnt going to change your mind. but i just really care about you and i want you to be careful.

but yeah. good idea trying to get her into guitar. just try to get her into a bunch of hobbies
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Cut yourself, that way she'll think your being a complete emo and stop!

See, this is why looking for advice in the pit, is meaningless...
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