Please vote for a friend of mine Barry Jr. He's competing for the Ultimate Tailgater from Bud Light. Heres a link http://www.thegamedayrivals.com/ its a dang close race help this guy pull it off thanks

Btw the race is within 10 votes and hes losing right now!!

by LazyLatinoRocke
At least you didn't walked in on your cousin and girlfriend going anal.

EDIT: The pit must not fail!
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i voted for him
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Voted. Barry has taken over the lead.
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Come on pit we need more votes!! Please I was just telling the guy how EPIC the pit was and that he would get the votes he needed dont let this thread Fail. I know the kid won his bunk bed and I voted several times for him. anyways

Thanks for all who voted and thanks for all those who will vote in the future!
by LazyLatinoRocke
At least you didn't walked in on your cousin and girlfriend going anal.
Hopefully this'll be as epic as the Avery thing.

Pit, we shall vote for Barry Jr. like we voted for Avery Horton.

Don't worry Barry Jr. You have the Pit on your side.
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YEAH!now your winning dude
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