I've been playing for two years and after this past summer I've started to realize that I should be ahead of where I am in playing ability. My problem, however is that I really don't know where to start learning theory and such. I know bits and pieces of scales, most open chords and some barre chords. Fretboard memorization is coming along. Whenever, I go to try and read up on some theory or things I don't know which parts to skip.

I've tried going over EVERYTHING from the beginning, but I just find that the stuff that I know at least partially always bores me and I stop. What would you suggest I do, try to skip these parts or suck it up and do the whole thing? Are there any tests online or something where I could try to find out where I stand skill and knowledge wise?

Also if anyone would be kind enough to recommend some internet learning sites I would greatly appreciate it(already tried justinguitar.com, it was pretty good). By the way, already have had three different teachers and really felt that it didn't help that much.

Lastly, would anyone recommend me some exercises to warm up, and also to start building more speed and strength?

I'm sorry if this seems like a lot, but it is much appreciated. Thaks.
Have a look at Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section, just start from the first one, go through them and fill in any gaps in your knowledge that it they throw up. The first bit of knowledge you need to have to learn theory is the notes on the fretboard, you don't necessarily need to be able to spot them on sight but you do need the ability to at least identify the notes you're using.
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Lastly, would anyone recommend me some exercises to warm up, and also to start building more speed and strength?

The old standby of the chromatic exercise is always a good one to start with but make sure you mix it up a bit, don't just go 1234 all the time; use other combinations of fingers like 2431 or whatever. The idea is to develop finger independence and strenght, not the ability to play chromatics really fast.
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No matter where you start in your theory education, I would break it down into small managable chunks. Keep things simple until you can grasp them and when you start to get bored, play some songs, work on finger exercises etc. But keep up with it everyday, even if it's only five minutes.