My friend taught me some chords on that thing but its damn hard to play
I want to go as far to the edge without going over. Out on the edge, you can see all kinds of different things.
Yeah. I just practice fan stroking on it though, as dirty as that sounds. Plus ukulele sweeps are awesome.
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That's some bony hipster sex, which may be the best kind.
I have a Flying V one. I can play Hotel California on it xD
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How many mods does it take ban half of the pit?
one, Carmel.

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Theres one in the music room at school. It has a triangular shape. I don't think its been touched for years, and when someone tried to tune it up recently, its strings were close to snapping before it was in tune. Word.
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
I like to shred on those XD I see some guy with one and im like oh lemme see then
*harmonic minor down thinnest string*
here you go
*hands back *
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.
Quick question, what is the standard tuning on a Uke?
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On my gravestone i want jesus and satan fighting with lightsabers. Or a big hand pointing to the grave next to me saying "I'm with stupid"

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I don't know whether this is epic fail or epic win.

Jake Shimabukuro is a world renowed Ukulele player. I saw him during Montreal Jazz Festival. He's a god.
Need fashion advice?

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I wish I had a dick like a black guy instead of my little white dick.

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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
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Jake Shimabukuro is a world renowed Ukulele player. I saw him during Montreal Jazz Festival. He's a god.

In which case, epic win!

i know the songs been posted but that's with Tommy Emanuel, quite possibly the most talented acoustic guitar player i've ever seen.

Jake Shimabukuro is an awesome uke player, my friend actually turned me onto both Jake Shimabukuro and Tommy Emanuel sometime ago, they're both pretty awesome.
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I like this guy, he's UG's Greek, and he just told your ass in two paragraphs. And I once spent 5 minutes watching his avatar.

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