first off, good luck to Travis, we love you man!

ok so i freaking love blink 182 and it made me rly sad when they broke up. and i listen to plus 44 and AVA but dude theyre absolutely nothing compared to blink

so i was looking over my blink albums the other day and i realized something:
their albums just kept getting better and better. what the ****? why did they split?

so Tom is all like "i need more time for my family"...so he goes and starts angels and airwaves??? that doesnt make sense.

he also said "i want to write more serious songs"... their are plenty of VERY meaningful serious songs written by blink, especially in the last album.

so basically this thread is to discuss blink and the breakup and the new bands and to wonder why the **** they split up cuz all of the reasons that tom gave for breaking up dont really hold true....
First off, *hands flameshield*

Second off, I dunno I suggest you go watch the "start the machine" DVD. Tom explains alot of things there. Whether its all true or not, we'll never know.
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