hi guys can anyone recommend me a good acoustic pick up ive seen some cheap 10 quid ones but i bet they give rubbish sound so if someone could point me in the driection of a decent but not too expensive pick up id be grateful

Just a hobbie really something i can use to record my covers on my pc, cheers.
Oh and its got Gibson medium strings im pretty new at it so i dont know if that makes a difference.
seymour duncan has some
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I like the Dean Markley pro mag series soundhole pickups
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Ok cheers guys and sorry about the triple post didnt know that would be a problem.

I've had experience with a few different types on a few different guitars. I currently have a fishman rare earth under bridge pickup in my Taylor from like 8 years ago.

What I'd recommend for the best sound is something like this:


Just beautiful sound. And if you want, you can install it yourself without any fancy tools.

This is the top recommended pickup at my local shop which regularly sells and installs on $5k+ acoustics.

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That's not harsh at all. I could have said, don't double post, you ignorant fool, but I just said don't double post. It's the rules, and I was informing him. Plus I offered a suggestion, rather than just raining on his parade.
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EDIT: I might also add that you made no recommendation, making your post border on spam, seeing as it was completely useless.
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