I mainly play a lot of metal but lately been goin through a lot of old sublime

and i just cant seem to get that sound...it just sounds to deep and not enough pop or sumthing

wat kind of tuning or setting on my amp should i be running?
Just the basic Ibanez starter package

simple 15w amp, doesnt have overdrive and clean switch if that helps
well are you playng guitar or bass? since this is the 'guitar and bass basics' forum.
seeing that i play lots of ska as well, on guitar, you wanna go for a bright sound. Ska chords are typically played by upstroking a bar chord or whatever kinda chord and you usually strike the top 3 strings. On your amp i would turn up treble on the eq for the clean channel. always have your pickup on the treble pickup too. if your guitar is a guitar suited for metal, then that really bright sound may be a bit harder to get. if you are playing bass, then any tone will do. Ive heard ska bands where the bass sound is really fat and smooth (which i think sounds better for ska), and ive also heard it where the bass has a really trebly punk tone. hope this helps

edit: ah i now see you are playing guitar. ignore my comments bout bass then.