I'm looking at buying a new amp along with my new guitar. I'm most likely going to end up getting the agile AL-3100 which comes with Two Type V Alnico humbucker pickups.

I'm looking for just getting a practice amp that could also be used for a small gig of maybe less than 20 people.

I know that UG isn't on Line 6's side, but I love the customization options it has, I'm looking for an amp by line 6 or has line 6 qualities.

So if you have a trustworthy Line 6 or an amp that has similar qualities, suggest it to me and I'll try it out at my next GC trip.
get a behringer v-amp instead of a line 6...the distortion sounds so much better on the v-amp than the line 6..great for a practice amp and small gigs
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The new Vox are awful. I bought an AC and sent it back it was so bad.

I haven't had a problem tonally or quality wise with either of mine.

Granted they are both modelers, but still, I enjoy them both for what they are.

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This is turning into another incarnation of the infamous "fail thread"...

If you truly like Line 6's customization options, get a Vetta, a Flextone, or a Spider Valve. Under no circumstances should you get a Spider III, and if you're curious as to why UG has about 234324234 million horror stories about them (MG's too).


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I ordered an AC. It looked like a crazy Chinese knockoff. The parts were very cheap, the enclosure was like hard board and even the tolex was nothing like the old AC-30 I had.

There was a bad rattle inside and it didn't sound anything like a Vox. The handwired model and the Brian May model are great. All the others are disposable type amps.

I would not reccomend one