OK how the hell do i do this!? brand new strings but everytime i get one in tune, i tune the other and the trem is like pulled down as if im doing a Dive.

seriously wtf, is there a secret to tuning these things?
well first, i have an Ibby RG4EX1 with the same bridge, and bad choice.
They're pretty hard to tune.
I got so fed up, i stuck a piece of wood in my guitar so the bridge would stay locked and it was way easier to tune.
Google block tremolo bridge if you need to use that method
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ok I dont want to put a peice of wood in it, I want to raise and lower the pitch like any other trem like this, Its just that i have new strings in and the more i put it into the normal tuning the more the bridge is pulled towards the neck
uhh...do you know how trems are tuned?? it's nothing like a fixed bridge. In short, it's a mother****ing pain in the ass. Even moreso on a crappy Edge III bridge
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This thread makes me not want to get a guitar with a tremelo now
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the key to restringing guitars with floyd roses and stuff like that is to restring it one string at a time, so it's not a huge pain to fix the bridge. when i take all of the strings off, i stick a pencil under the bridge to keep it elevated, but mines a floyd rose, not an edge III. i sold my ibanez because i hated the trem...
practice a few times, and of course its gonna be pulled....first put the end of a spoon under the bridge, the should keep it at the right level...then if uve been experiencing the bridge to moving too high then tighten the screws from the back...i just got a 4ex1 and spent like an hour last night setting up and tuning the guitar, and now i got down good, itll take trial and error at first but ull get the hang of it...and to some of u guys, a floyd rose would do the same thing if the spring tension wasnt high enough
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watch some youtube vids on how to restring floyd roses and you'll see how simple it is, just a couple more steps.
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This thread makes me not want to get a guitar with a tremelo now

For what its worth, I have an Ibanez with a ZR trem and its just a pain in the ass. I never use the tremolo anyway.