Well, pretty much everything is in various stages of death as far as my gear goes. I've been told that I can get by with an okay guitar, if I get a really good amp. IS this true? And if it is, then what amp should I get? So far, I haven't had much luck with buying guitar stuff.

At the moment, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and a Line 6 Spider 15W. I play a lot of metal, but I like to play blues and classic rock sometimes as well.

What guitar is good for metal that's not way out there expensive, preferably $500-$600 if that's possible. Also, I'm clueless when it comes to amps. What's a good amp that's in about the same price range, but can still give me a good tone and not suck?

(And if you feel bored, I'll need to buy pedals eventually. I've been relying on my little delay modeler and the presets on my amp so far. Any good cheap ones?)

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is your budget $500-600 for a amp, then $500-600 for guitar, or put together. Also are you giging/play in a band?
Yeah, I play in a band. We're kinda almost not really power metal...ish. Also, I do play in Worship services, so I guess that'd be a regular gig.

If I could get both for that much, I'd be ecstatic, but no, for each one.
The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...
Certain body/neck woods you prefer?
Ebony, Maple or Rosewood fretboard?
Scale length?
Bolt-on, set neck, neck thru?
Certain Shape you're not comfortable with?
SSS, HH, HHH, HSH, HSS, HS Pickup config?
Tremelo, stoptail or string thru?
Prefered stock pickups?
ect. ect. (Just give as much info as you can)

You looking for something to just use in your band, or for playing the blues/classic rock stuff as well?
Tube or SS?
Combo or halfstack?

Anything else prefered? Seperate EQ's for each channel, certain amount of channels needed ect.?

EDIT- If there are any brands you'd like to stay away from, please let us know before there are any recommendations.
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For a guitar, if you like playing blues and metal, i would recommend an epiphone les paul custom. For the amp If your gigging maybe a Randall RG50TC, or the Bugera 6262 amp

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I checked Craigslist last night but was too tired to post really. Where in Miss. do you live? Closer to Memphis or closer to gulf?

Can you explain 'metal' to us again? Name some bands or something. Do you play other stuff as well? I doubt you are playing too much metal at Worship Services.

New however - I would recommend something like I've got. A Standard Strat and Peavey Valveking. Both are flexible and only $800 total. I guess a Strat would be a big departure from your Epi so that comes down to feel and preference. Is there a Guitar Center near you?
My style of playing chages when I play in worship, you're right.

I'd define metal as being like...Sonata Arctica, Metallica, or Symphony X.

I do play other stuff as well. I play just about everything. I just play metal and alternitive stuff more then other things. I'm looking for something that could work in both a band and worship situation, but it'd be nice if it worked well for the former.

The Guitar Center near me is amazing.

And right in the middle. Central MS.

Brands to stay away from... I'm not a big fan of Fender.

I can't tell you much more then that, because I'm clueless as to most of these things. That's why I got stuck with my Spider in the first place.
The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...
Like I said before, look into an epiphone les paul custom, great guitar, can go anywhere from blues to metal. For the Amp, Randall RG50TC, Peavey Valveking 112 w/ bad monkey overdrive and a new speaker, Bugera 6262, Used Mesa F-30, Or F-50, Used Peavey 5150 or 6505, Peavey XXX.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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cut down your new guitars budget and put it towards the amp
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